Parenting and Food

Our new weekly column that delves into all the ways in which these two areas of life can intersect!

baking supplies on a countertop

I want to be the mom who bakes, by Elizabeth Newdom. 
My son loves to eat at Grandma’s house, he gets real cream and real sugar. Unlike the dishes I cook, which are vegetarian or Paleo or Whole30.



How not to kill your kid in kitchen, by Debra Arbit.
Have you ever watched a five-year-old pour a package of cooked green beans into a bowl? I have. And let me tell you, it nearly did me in.



Perspective | Don’t have important talks with kids at the dinner table, by Tania Lorena Rivera. In our household, my children are allowed to eat with a good book or their tablet. I don’t expect them to talk.



What happens to the kids when both parents model poor eating habits, by Lorren Lemmons
. I know we’re both doing it wrong. I’m teaching our children that restraint is a shackle; he’s teaching them that tight control is the only way to avoid obesity.


Letting go of the emotional labor of cooking right now
, by Yvonne Spence.
It’s been a long, slow road to finding a balance between supporting others and supporting myself.