Parenting and Food

Our new weekly column that delves into all the ways in which these two areas of life can intersect.

baking supplies on a countertop


I want to be the mom who bakes, by Elizabeth Newdom. 
My son loves to eat at Grandma’s house, he gets real cream and real sugar. Unlike the dishes I cook, which are vegetarian or Paleo or Whole30.



How not to kill your kid in kitchen, by Debra Arbit. Have you ever watched a five-year-old pour a package of cooked green beans into a bowl? I have. And let me tell you, it nearly did me in.




Perspective | Don’t have important talks with kids at the dinner table, by Tania Lorena Rivera. In our household, my children are allowed to eat with a good book or their tablet. I don’t expect them to talk.



What happens to the kids when both parents model poor eating habits, by Lorren Lemmons
. I know we’re both doing it wrong. I’m teaching our children that restraint is a shackle; he’s teaching them that tight control is the only way to avoid obesity.



Letting go of the emotional labor of cooking right now, by Yvonne Spence. It’s been a long, slow road to finding a balance between supporting others and supporting myself




What it means to be a food allergy mom, by Lauren Weiss.
What if you are the best mother you can be and it’s still not enough to save your child? What if one mistake is the fatal bite?




What I know now about feeding a family, by Micha Stover.
I watched my mother starve herself for years, food as a kind of inhaled medication.



Why I love it when my kitchen is closed, by Lauren Apfel.
I didn’t know that motherhood would feel tantamount to being a short order cook.


black frying pan with chapati

My relationship with food as fist generation mom, by Lakshmi Lyer. 
I talk with my mother multiple times a day. “Saaptacha?” It is routine, this asking if I’ve had my meal.


blank pages on a table held down by copper kitchen utensils


A recipe for learning how to accept your body, by Amye Archer
. Step Three: Layer 2 healthy parents and 1 naturally skinny sister.


hand kneading dough in flour


Teaching my Black son how to bake, by Jill Moffett. Was Tamir Rice also an only child? Did he also make cookies with his mother?

spoon of coloured candy against hot pink background


What happened when my daughter questioned my relationship with food, by Lizabeth Sjaastad.
She thinks when I say things like “balanced diet” what I really mean is “don’t eat sugar, it’ll make you fat.”

Crispy Potato Chips in Row on Yellow Background

How to mother a daughter when you have food issues, by Jennifer Furner. There are few things I take genuine pleasure in, and one of those is eating. But what message does that send my daughter? 

jar of homemade yogurt with spoon it it

How making yogurt keeps my hope alive, by Daniela Elza. If you know the taste of real yogurt, or freedom, you won’t give it up easily.