Current calls for submissions:

Home for the Holidays. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, many of us will be home for the holidays this year. Motherwell is looking for original essays about how these days make you feel as a parent and how you might be celebrating a little differently in 2021. All formats welcome and please include a word count (we tend to cap at 1,200).

Back to School and COVID-19. There is a host of uncertainty surrounding schooling right now and Motherwell would love to hear your perspective and/or your experience: as a teacher, a parent, or a student. Do you have any creative ways that you’ve been supporting your kids’ remote learning? Are there any unique challenges your family is facing either in person or virtually? All formats welcome and please include word count (we tend to cap at 1,200).

Parenting and Food. Our new weekly column, we are looking for stories that delve into all the ways in which these two areas of life can intersect. Interpretations might include: cultivating cooking skills with your kids; body image around pregnancy; raising picky or limited eaters; managing food allergies; coping with weight concerns, at either end of the spectrum. Completed essays only and please include word count (we tend to cap at 1,200).

Pandemic Little Lessons. What have you learned during this strange time? Tell us about the ways in which you or your family has grown and/or changed with regard to parenting, relationships/friendships, work-life balance in 500 words or less. We will be featuring your stories across our social media platforms and in our newsletter. All formats accepted, this is an unpaid opportunity.

Teen Challenges and Solutions. The teenage years are characterized by a push for independence. As parents, how do we deal with the new host of problems that accompany such change as it relates to our adolescents’ relationships, motivation, mental health, communication, social media use, among other issues. We want to hear about your family’s teen-related difficulties, and how you’ve addressed them. What solutions you’ve come up with, what’s worked and what hasn’t; your tips and strategies as a parent, a step-parent, or single parent. All formats welcome, and please include word count (we tend to cap at 1,200).

Family Traditions and Rituals. Does your family have a secret handshake? A dinnertime ritual? A holiday tradition? A unique bedtime routine? These kind of things connect us and bring meaning to our family lives, they tell our stories: we build them up and we also preserve what’s been passed down. We want to hear more about your family traditions and rituals: the funny, the creative, the poignant alike. What they mean and how they’ve benefited you. All formats welcome, and please include word count (we tend to cap at 1,200).

For all other submissions:

Motherwell is a publication that tells all sides of the parenting story. We accept work on a variety of parenting-related themes—culture, family life, obstacles and the process of overcoming them. We have two streams of writing on the site:

Paid opportunities for selected, original articles—either personal essays or perspective pieces.

An additional platform where we collect other pieces: syndicated and sponsored posts, shorter essays and alternative formats, including videos, graphic memoirs, lists, poetry, etc. These are unpaid.

We are unfortunately unable to give individual feedback on submissions, but we do offer personally tailored editorial services.

For time-sensitive articles, please continue to use Submittable but indicate ‘timely’ in the subject line.