This is how perspectives change during a hard time

By Teresa B. Duffy

He said, “I never knew you started dinner at 4pm every weekday.”

She said, “I never knew a roll of toilet paper could last so long.”


He said, “I never knew I could have so much fun with our kids at 11am on a Tuesday.”

She said, “I never knew walking every day before lunch would change my mindset for the rest of the day’s work.”

They said, “That trail was exactly what our family needed, and why didn’t we hike it sooner?”


He said, “Would you like to wake up early tomorrow and have a coffee date before the kids get up?”

She said, “Yes, and then I’ll make breakfast for us like I do when it’s Saturday, but it’s only Thursday.”


He said, “I’ll cook dinner tonight, and I’ll start at 4pm.”

She said, “I have a conference call after lunch, so can you help the kids with their homeschooling lessons while I’m on the call?”

They said, “This isn’t easy, but it feels right. Like we were made for this.”


He said, “I’m going to take the kids camping in the backyard tomorrow night and this weekend we can start our plans for our garden.”

She said, “Oh! Tomorrow let’s all doodle with Mo Willems as a work/homeschool break.”


He said, “Let’s all sit down after dinner and figure out how to donate to a local food pantry or our hospital. We’ll let the kids pick which one to donate to and then figure out a plan.”

She said, “I’m going to call my 89-year-old Grandmother and chat with her, and I’ll do that every Monday from this point forward.”

They said, “We’ll move forward with our plan during our family lunch, while at home.”


And together they uncovered moments and lingered in thoughts with time they never had. Until now, when everything stopped, and something began.

Teresa writes about the moments that grow us from her home in southeastern Pennsylvania. She and her husband are raising two boys, growing a garden for the first time, and typically ignore house chores to explore the outdoors. You can read more from Teresa at her blog and follow on Instagram @teresabduffy or on FB at Teresa B. Duffy. 

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