What is your biggest parenting challenge right now?

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Parenting is hard, in all sorts of ways, general and specific. We went to InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to find out what aspects you struggle with the most. We wanted to make it fun and we also wanted to make it real. Your answers were brilliant: here are the top twenty. We are sure you can relate to some of these challenges, no matter what stage of parenting you are in. Feel free to continue the conversation!

1. Slowing down time, Alison

2. College. Bound. Firstborn. Kelli

3. Not giving in, Adrienne

4. Working mother guilt, Gillian 

5. College is expensive

6. Getting enough sleep, Sara

7. Middle school drama, Stephanie

8. Letting them struggle, Jeannette

9. Refereeing sibling disputes, Lauren

10. The. Empty. Nest. Randi

11. Conflicting parenting methods

12. Screen time management, Elizabeth

13. Suddenly single parenting, Aly

14. Teenager vs algebra, Carrie

15. Blended family frustrations, Tee

16. Tiny toddler tantrums, Amy

17. Parenting with illness, Jessica

18. War on socks, Autumn

19. Meals everyone wants

20. Listening not advising, Lesley

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