Motherwell is looking for contributing writers

We would like to hire for two monthly positions:

  1. A parenting essay writer, either a generalist or somebody who focuses on a specific topic, theme, or age group;
  2. A news and culture story writer, somebody who can create compelling essays out of relevant and timely parenting news hooks.

If interested, please send an email to us at, with the following information by March 21st:

  1. Which position are you applying for?
  2. Two to three topics you are most interested in covering (e.g. empty nest, education, neurodiversity) with any personal credentials that make you well-suited to that topic. If you are a generalist and don’t have a specific area you want to cover, let us know that too. For the news writers, two to three examples of the kinds of stories you would cover.
  3. A link to your website and/or social pages (if you have them) and/or relevant links to recent clips or posts.
  4. Some detail of where/how you can promote your contributing writer position/posts.
  5. Your top three favorite parenting sites.
  6. Your favorite Mothewell essay(s).

Thanks so much, we look forward to hearing from you (and please feel free to share this around)! Payment to be finalized once we confirm how many people we are hiring, and how they will be scheduled.