Friendship and Parenting, an original series

Little boy wearing stripped shirt hugging doll wearing colorful sweater

Friendship is so important. Parenting is as well. This is why we wanted to explore the ways in which these two powerful and pervasive relationships can intersect.

Friendship and Parenting, a Motherwell original series, featuring:

The friends I made in the waiting room, by Elizabeth Michaelson Monaghan



We don’t want our boys to be “cured.” There is no cure; autism is a chronic state, like arthritis, or love.


The importance of friendship after divorceby Lauren Apfel



The hardest thing about divorce, I’ve found, is not the being alone. It’s the being alone when most of the people you know and love have a first port of call that isn’t you.


Helping my son grieve the loss of a friendby Tanya Mozias Slavin



How exactly could I break this news to a kid who already went to bed every night scared of death to the point of tears?


Accepting my friend’s son when she can’tby Ann Wainwright



“Ryan,” I say. “If you ever want to play with the girl dolls, we have them. In this house, you can play with whatever you want.”


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